Tech Conferences Ideas: Good ones to attend?

Hey guys, I’ve been working with a tech start-up for the last half year or so; long story short, we’d be looking to create and offer free cloud based receipt storage as well as other complementary personal finance functions and sell the consumer intelligence data to retailers/market researchers etc. We’re talking about attending tech/e-commerce/consumer behavior conferences that would be in line with what we’re doing be of benefit to us over the next year (looking at hopefully attending 7~ish). Unfortunately, I don’t have much knowledge with regards to this side of business. I’ve already looked into going to conferences such as Worldwide Developer Conference Consumer Electronic Show I would love to hear some ideas as to where to go and what to expect at these. Thanks in advance; your help is much appreciated!


any ideas? Would be greatly appreciated

Why would we know???

  • TechCrunch Disrupt - good for networking and press (if your product is good enough to grab attention)
  • Google I/O - esp you’re specializing in one of GOOG’s platforms
  • Facebook’s f8 - if you’re working on the Facebook platform. If you’re not don’t bother.

Not sure how CES will help you - it’s a gadget-fest and AFAIK software isn’t a focus at all. Likewise with WWDC - unless you’re working with iOS.

Just look up or something and see where they’re showing up and target those? SF, NYC, London and Berlin are the usual locations for popular conferences.

Hope this helps.

Thank you usj2. Much appreciated!