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How do analysts & prospectives see social media slowly seeping into their day to day work. With recent Insider trading bust using social media to pump & dump(I am not really familiar with case properly.Maybe someone in here can share more light on it), how does the street look upon social media in general. Say how analysts in here regularly tweet(minimum 5 tweets per day) or is tweeter blocked by tech guys… Do the quant tech savvy guys do it? Any users of social photo sharing like instagram here? I presume the street being a bit conservative does look down upon someone sharing pics all over(It could also be looked other way as personal branding for the gutsy ones looking for an exi op). I can understanding sharing pics while in dingy strip joint or after work drinking hole isn´t the best way…but overall how many in here regularly use it? Anyone tried the new one, Color? How do prospective analysts see this? Will they conform to a street still not willing to open up? What about txts? How many txt regularly here? Are there private pools(anon) by streeters sharing jokes, street lingo, tips etc. Cheers all.

bump. I am surprised there aren´t any techville analysts here!!!

dude what exactly are you asking? one sentence.

i don’t know about you but i’m not even a ss analyst and i’m in social media blackout. i’m sure that tweeting about a stock you may hold or tweeting something that doesn’t make sense (i.e. for secret code purposes) would not meet compliance rules and would automatically result in discipline. everything you publically produce must go through compliance…

Yeah, you’re begin vague. To answer your questions, I think Wall Street professionals try to concentrate on their work, not wasting their time tweeting random crap. Personally, I don’t like Twitter at all.

Yonis Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- or is tweeter blocked by tech > this.

yeah its quite simple. the purpose of an analyst is to provide information at cost. to tweet is to give away for free. a tweeting analyst is an oxymoron.

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why do you guys waste time on idiots that call it “tweeter”? color goes to 0. both apps (market/app store) are rated like 2/5 right now.

justin88 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > why do you guys waste time on idiots that call it > “tweeter”? +1

I think he has an assignment he wants help on.

You really need to learn to phrase your questions better. Regardless, here’s what you wanted to know: Facebook at work: Blocked. Facebook at home: Usage dropping very rapidly. I’d say I log on 1-2x a week, and NEVER put anything about my job or investments on there. Twitter at work: Blocked. Twitter at home: Never go on it, think it’s a pile of crap. Texting at work: Sometimes will to g/f, but probably less than 2 per day during working hours. Never, ever, ever, ever about investments or the work I’m doing. Occasionally about the markets in general, maybe something like, “HOLY CRAP DUDE, WE’RE LIKE A TIDAL WAVE - HUGE IN JAPAN. 2 SOON?” You know, mature stuff relevant to the profession. Texting at home: I don’t send lots unless I’m coordinating an evening out, which happens about once a week when I send 5-6 texts rapid fire. As far as ‘insider networks’ sharing information back and forth…dude, I can’t begin to tell you how far removed I am from anyone with that kind of power or sway (I think most people on this board probably fall into a similar “low on the totem pole” category). So no, I’m not really privvy to anything that’s gonna move markets. I can tell you, however, that I have a meaningful investment in the fund I work at, and that fact alone is more than enough to make me think twice about sharing what we’re working on with my gf, family, friends, etc, no matter how interesting it is or how badly they want a “tip” or to know “what looks interesting these days.” Factor in that talking about my work would also constitute a massive ethical and professional violation and you’ll find that I’m really not the most willing participant when people wanna “talk shop” with me.

I never inferred for folks to tweet about inside job. A mere lingo, crap, street humor is what I had in mind. Maybe the night debauchery after a tough day at work(provided it is anonymous). Oh yeah for the anal grammar folks, have a cold guinness on me tonight. Cheers