Technical analysis - Brief description of each

Are you guys even spending time to learn all those different analysis strategies and patterns? I know the ones below briefly but there are so many.

Head and shoulder

Double bottoms

Relative strength index

Elliott wave theory

If someone has a brief description of the most common/ones you think are important, please include it in this post. I am not stressing over every single technical analysis one, but a brief explanation of different ones would help. Thanks.

Elliot wave - 5 then 3, fibonacci sequences

Relative strength - above 70=strong, less than 30= weak

H&S - target = Neck - (Head-Neck)

This is what I have picked up from practice exams, and I think the key things which could be tested

RSI : above 70 means overbought (you should sell) and below 30 means oversold (you should buy)

H&S : target is also : 2Neck - Head

Does anyone have any key points around the put/call, margin debt areas of this chapter?