Technological Growth

“Most technological progress involves improvements in the productivity of physical capital.” True/False?


Maybe I am reading too much into the Q, but at it’s most fundamental level I would say all technological progress involves improvement in the productivity of physical assets. I mean, take an average pc, it is just a very sophisticated arrangement of dirt, rocks, minerals, plastics, or whatever. So, true.

False, it is all about helping us humans out mentally.

i’d go true.

Chi Paul, you aren’t improving the rocks and minerals with a computer, you are improving the productivity of the Human Capital.

true, I think… technology development like computer hardware and software makes process easier and faster. Meanwhile, our human brain would not change in near future… the difference might be that with technology development, there would be a diminishing returns and knowledge doesn’t have diminishing return(actually if we think about it, might not be true, considering taking CFA and then CAIA, a lot of overlapping:D)

“2/3 of productivity growth is due to technology growth.” so true



True…if it said quantity of physical capital it would have been false.