Technology Job

My GF recently got an credit risk technology offer from a reputable I-bank: basically a quant developer position though the hiring manager insist it is a quant position located in the technology department. Following is the pros and cons we can think of: Pros: 1) in this market condition, risk management probably is the best place to be in. 2) she would use various pricing models/monte carlo to calculate risk. This is a good entry point to be a true quant. 3) though bonus will be smaller than a desk job, but in this market, there is no guarantee any desk will make any money. Cons: 1) may be hard to transition out of technology when market is back. 2) smaller bonus Gurus, do you have anything to add? Will she be pinpointed as a technology person and could not get a real quant position later? OR can she complete her CFA to show her understanding on the business side and transition to be a real quant?

you better have a Ph.D or MFE if you want to be a real quant. I havent seen a real quant without a Ph.D recently

She had a MFE from CMU.