Ted Cruz names Carly Fiorina as running mate.

I don’t know much about her. What do you all think?

News people saying that it doesn’t matter because Cruz isn’t going to win the nomination anyway.

It’s just a last ditch attempt to get support from right wing voters.

I probably wouldn’t mind how he would govern, but he has zero charisma and no comedic timing. Hang it up already.

Hulk smash

Two losers don’t make a winner.

LOL. Last very sad attempt to get media coverage+trying to get the “woman” vote. Cruz is like a cock roach.

Straight out of the John McCain playbook. At least Carly Fiorina isn’t a certifiable idiot.

I’m surprised it was Fiona and not Jesus.

It was an amazing introduction until he stumbled on the words Vice President

True…just look at the HP/Compaq merger.

Just an attempt to deflect media attention from his horrible performance in the Tuesday primaries and pander to the female vote as well. Fiorina was a horrible candidate for president and adds nothing to the ticket except maybe a tiny sliver of the female vote (women didn’t vote for her in the primaries, so not sure why they would vote for Cruz now with her as a running mate). Her only real qualification is being the first female CEO of a Fortune 20 company, but she did a horrible job as CEO.

Just curious, but is there precedent for a runner-up in a nominating campaign to name a vice presidential running mate? Bizarre.

I think Cruz just wanted to prove to feminists that there was a powerful woman who didn’t mind being controlled by him.

And to frisian’s point, it’s fairly common to have one of the runner-ups be invited to the VP slot on the ticket, though it hasn’t happened much in recent elections. There was some thought that Hillary might have been invited to be VP on Obama’s 2008 ticket as a way to soothe over interparty strains in the 2008 nomination, but given that Hillary wanted to run on her own, she probably asked for and was given the secretary of state post instead.

Reagan chose Bush from the nomination contest, and Clinton chose Gore. Those are the two examples that stick in my mind from recent times. I think Kerry chose Edwards too, so that fits the mold.

I think he meant the fact that Cruz is naming his VP, even though he is far behind. That does strike me as a bit odd too, would be like Bernie picking someone.

^^ Think frisian meant the guy who’s losing naming a running mate, not the guy who won the nomination choosing one of the other candidates. Reagan is actually still the correct answer though, just an election earlier. He named Richard Schweiker in advance of the national convention (Ford was leading, but hadn’t locked up enough delegates in advance of the convention). Reagan hoped to attract moderate delegates, but lost to Ford on the 1st ballot anyway.

Ah, ok, I missed that in the wording. Yeah, that’s unusual, but probably not unheard of. Runners-up that look like they are about to lose start trying to think out of the box, and what they come up with is often bizzare.