Teen Mom

She has not aged well.

It’s a dangerous road gents, laden with landmines. We talking cans here.

You have to damn near inception it - it must be her idea. From there, you are required by state and federal law to be supportive, but not too supportive.

We’re looking at 400-450 CC mentor ultra-high profiles, but may scale back (she’s seen girls similar and with loose fitting clothes on they look a lil’ chubbier than she’d prefer - she’s pretty thin.

It has been a fun process…

False… New topic…

I want to hear Tikka and Blake’s take on this topic.

This is on the internet today:


Starts at only $500!

WTF happened to the post on fake funbags?

Lol, I just realized that was gone. My vote was quality natural, quality synthetic, then low quality nautral and synthetic, in that order.

respect. i’m trying to make it a package deal w/ the “baby tuck” but haven’t broached the topic yet. she did plant a small seed mentioning she missed their pre-baby form, which was spectacular. i purposely have never said a word on the subject, just been biding my time. This may be my opening.

How do I cultivate this seed???

Damn, I wish I had seen that last week. Would have made a great mother’s day present for my wife.