Teen Mom

She growed the f up.

Whachall think?

Well, its hard to degrade yourself anymore once you’ve been on Teen Mom, but its nice to know its possible.

I only saw like 30 seconds, seems like she’s S’d a few D’s in her day, lol. She’ll be broke in 18 months too

She likes it in the behind

from teen mom to lady with baggage

That transformation takes about 1 second, IMO.

Even worse, she is now supposedly pregnant with this porn star’s kid. She evidently lied about being on birth control, and was trying to get knocked up to remain in the “spotlight”.

False. As TMZ so nicely put it: A) you can’t get pregnant that way; and, B) Mr. Deen left his parting shot, er, outside/on her.

At any rate, I’m not too interested in this. I’ve never watched the show so her celebrity is minimal in my book. Just another vid on the net.

This is just sad. I hope her kid gets taken away from her.


Seriously, why? Are you saying no one in the adult entertainment industry should be allowed to have custody of their kids? She made a million bucks for about an hour’s worth of work. Yes, the kid’s mom is forever on the internet getting the backdoor treatment, but so are a lot of other kids’ moms and they didn’t make sh*t (there’s a pun in there).

She does have a banging butt…

My wife is getting a ‘job’ from the doc who did hers in August.

I can say I was just doing market research.

Ok. What are you guys talking about?

Teen Mom’s million dollar sex tape

Go to your free site of choice and search Farrah Abraham. Then you’ll know.

Short story: chick from mtvs teen mom got paid a mil to do pron. In da butt.

we talking cans or schnoz? if the former, nice work my friend you got a keeper. just don’t go too big.

Please share more details. I have always been curious about the significant other’s take on his wife/gf/MIL getting bolt ons. What makes you go along with their decision?

Anything more than a handful and you risk a sprained thumb.

(I know no one gets movie quotes here, but someone give a shout out to this classic flick.)

Plastic boobs are creepy…

^this was vaguely familiar in the recesses of my brain. had to look it up. great movie.