Telling an interviewer of a future promotion?

If you are interviewing for a job and they ask the salary question… is it wrong to tell them your current salary, then tell them i’m expecting a promotion and future salary in the next 30 days? I know this cause i just had a review with my boss. I would love to wait till it’s official but the job may or may not be there by that time.

Because obviously i would want the job if they are going to pay me more/same of what i’m going to get. If they want me they’ll be glad to know so they don’t come in to low. I feel like it would be more awkward to get the job then turn it down cause of salary then not getting an offer cause you wanted to much.


you want the market price for your skills. would use this time to set an expectation on what you are deserve

To begin with, I probably wouldn’t hire someone who didn’t understand the difference between “to” and “too”.

thanks, didn’t realize this was a grammar forum. I probably wouldn’t hire some1 that couldn’t stick to the topic at hand

when they ask the question. tell them you’re midway through a payrise and promotion review. Hopefully they’ll come in with something higher



presumptious and tacky. its like going to an interview and say im expecting to pass l3 so compensate me for that. if expecting a promotion why leave? get promotion then leave. the thing about paying me waht im worth though is good. but your bargaining power is better after the fact so dont waste time applying before the fact.

Has your boss confirmed that you have got the promotion and higher salary? If so, I would state that you recently got a promotion and then state your new salary as your current earnings.

If it’s the case that you haven’t actually got the promotion yet and are hoping for it, then you’re on more shaky ground. It’s a judegment call on your part. Flat out lying is probably not a good thing to do (especially if you think they might find out), but bending the truth is an essential part of the interview process for both sides. For instance, if they ask you what you are earning now you could give an all-in figure including expected bonus and extras.

I was in this situation. I just told them what I would be making, as I already recieved the promotion and it was a timing thing (it was going to occur after X days). No one seemed to care that I wasn’t making it yet.