Temp/Contracting Companies

Does anyone know temp/contractors and companies they represent in financial sectors? Boston has tons of financial companies but each one has a specific vendor from whom they hire their temps. Eg. Let say State Street hires contractors only from ABC corp. If you know any such ABC companies/some who works at ABC can you let me know? Thanks!

Randstad had a contract with ML back in the day. Not sure if it’s still the case now … I used to temp in high school and college b/c it was better money and no long term commitment. I temped with ML during my first summer in college and parlayed this into an internship my junior year. Definitely helped get me where I am today, although I networked like crazy during that time …

They might not sponsor you for work visas.

Professional Staffing Group probably does this a lot for Boston.

@ pupdawg82 They might not sponsor you for work visas. — I do not need a visa. Also, I am open to relocating at any financial metro in the US.

vpatel9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I do not need a visa. Open mouth, insert foot. Funny though.

contact kelly services for State street