Temp count towards work experience?

So I started at my company as a temp, working full time if it matters, doing experience that Im pretty sure would be counted towards eligible work experience. However, I was considered a temp employee at my company and was not hired “full time” with salary/benefits etc until several months later. I was doing the exact same job and had the same responsibilites throughout this time, temp or full time.

My question is, does the time I was considered a temp count towards the CFAI work experience? Or can I only begin counting it from when I was hired full time?

Appreciate the help.

temp does not count.

So even if I was working full-time, 40 hours a week, just because my contract said I was a temp it doesnt count? CFA website only says full-time from what I can find, so thats why Im asking as it seems ambigious.

Thanks for the response!

I think you can?

as long as your employer/ manager as your reference can verify that for you, why not?

many people are hired on contract basis (esp in finance), so it would be strange for them to not consider it.

It doesn’t matter if you were a temp as long as you can describe your role in a context that meets their requirements. Apply your duties to the CFA cariculum and you could probably get working as a cashier at Walmart to count.

As long as your contract said full-time temp I guess.