Temple University or Villanova University

Did anyone go through Temple’s or Villanova’s Master’s of Finance programs. I am thinking of starting a advanced degree in the spring fulltime. Anyone have any pointers.

There will be some Villanova UG alumni in finance. There will be very few Temple alum doing anything outside corp fi. An alumni netwrk will be important. Make sure to get a good grasp on career placement at both programs before you go.

I hate Villanova. totally overrated. Sorry, rant off.

Post your email if you want to chat. I went to a full time MSF program.

A friend of mine did Temple undergrad work in Finance. I can solicit his opinion and get back to you.

drew.ranieri@gmail.com I went to Saint Joseph’s in Philly, so I already am a rival of Villanova. I’m just looking for a good MFin program in the Philly area.

Are you related to Lew ranieri?

I did the Villanova msf, q.benjamin@gmail.com

If he is from the Norristown, PA area there is a good possibility.

Drew you went to SJU and you are thinking of going to Villanova?!? Then you should know how overrated it is. Doesn’t Wharton have something?

bigwilly Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Drew you went to SJU and you are thinking of going > to Villanova?!? Then you should know how > overrated it is. Doesn’t Wharton have something? Overrated based on what? Where’d you go?

I realize it’s not as well known because of smaller size and lack of big time athletics programs, but I’ve been under the impression that Drexel has the best finance program in Philly (after Wharton, of course). Not sure when or exactly how I got that impression though, so I could be totally off base.

I sent you an email.

Wharton to my knowledge doesn’t have a MFin program. I believe its only a MBA with a specialization in Finance. I mean I would like to go to Wharton but I don’t have the means to do so currently.

From what i know, Villanova has a much more active alumni network. They also have a well established student managed investment fund. The guy who runs it has been around a while, and has a lot of connections.

Busprof, Are you refering to Dr. Nawrocki? Him and I are buds, they referenced him in the LIII CFAi text, thought that was pretty cool.

My coworker went to Villanova , one of the smartest guys i know

I went to temple undergrad. majored in econ. I know a lot of the Finance faculty and there are some sharp people. But there are sharp people everywhere. From someone who grew up in Philly Villanova definitely has more prestige, but don’t discount the owls.

I was involved in the Student Managed Funds course at SJU for undergraduate, we won the core style portfolio at the RISE Viii conference in Dayton, OH. I would like to be involved in a similar program in graduate school again. I am also looking into Leihigh University for their MFin, I’ve been hearing some good things.

nova won some category at rise this year as well with their fund. It seems like everyone wins something there. Go talk to the profs at nova, the fund is really hands on, and the msf guys basically run it.