Tensed about Fixed Income and Equities for Level 1....

Hey Friends,

I just attempted the Schweser online mock today with a proper CFA format of sitting 3 hours then break and then 3 hours. I am skeptical about me passing the real exam as in this mock I scored 63% with Quans being strongest and Fixed Income being weakest. Fixed income was horrible scored 45% in the exam. I’m super tensed.

  1. I am tensed and dont know how to go about the whole thing in the next 10 days. So what should i do now? See my mistakes and revise those topics or only questions or mocks.

  2. Is the Schweser Mock tougher than the actual CFA exam or the actual exam is different. Please help me and guide me a way to do questions now…as in the topics i am bad, should i do curriculum question to check myself or do Schweser Qbank…

Thank you guys for the support. You proper guidance, gives us a way to look at things in the right path.

Do not panic_!_

I also thought that I wouldn’t be able to pass L1, scored on mocks very similar than you. I suggest you to reinforce Fixed Income, learn all the formulas, give it more exercices. The last 7 days are very important, it is normal to feel doubtful about passing, but more important is to go to the exam confident, avoid being nervous, give it all you have and feel great about it. If you cut yourself on the exam day, even scoring 90 on all mocks you could fail the real exam.

I’m sure you will pass if you are confident and smart on the exam day (despite of you feel not enough prepared).

My best wishes and study well!

Thanks Harrogath. Btw, in general terms is the mock more tougher than the real exam? I am talking about the Schweser Mock!

Please reply and give me some hints

Personally, I felt the mocks a bit tougher than the real exam, being CFAI mocks on top, then schweser and at last the real exam. However, the real exam has other difficulties: they are exactly 3 hours each session (impossible extra time), you could be more nervous, you need to be straight focused, you cannot move, watch, drink, etc in the exam, only go to bathroom.

I would recommend you to solely read solved mocks the day or two days before the exam. I call this “fast mental solving” which consists on reading the question, thinking about what would you do to to solve the question (“sum this…”, “divide this…”, “use the BAII this way…”, etc), does not matter if it was a calculus question or theory question, think in your mind how would you solve it and choose an answer right there. Inmediately check the answer below (I recommend to print the mock with the answers, if you got the book, great then! ). If you got the answer wrong, learn there what the correct answer or procedure was. This gives you experience on questions and a much more strong feedback. CFA exams have a limited universe of question types, so learning the whole diversity of questions prepares you to any question on the exam, so you avoid the famous “What the Fu.ck is this”

Best regards.

Thanks Harrogath on these smart tips. Appreciated. yes

Thank you so much for the advice…really appreciate it