Very interesting…GS upgrades Tesla…Stock Rallies…Few hours later, Tesla announces stock offering (GS as underwriter)…Musk needs to sell $500mm to pay for taxes…hmmm…Coincidence??..Except i don’t believe in one.

They clearly did not read the ethics section from the CFA Institute.

Don’t think any of them are CFA charterholders…We need to send them a copy.

Research objectivity standards getting pissed all over at GS. Although if you bought strictly off a GS report you have bigger problems in your life

I don’t see the issue. This is GS’ job to pump up the stock.

Its their sales & IB job to pump the stock, although everyone with a brain knows this “research” is just sales. Like if Prudential/Metlife sent you some “research” on how great their new variable annuity was

agreed, unfortunatly sell side equity research is not objective…

dude sleeping in his tesla in traffic


Got to move that work.

I just automatically assume GS is on the opposide side of whatever trade they recommend publicly

haha good one

they invest the money earned on Tesla)

Nice, I guess Goldman didn’t mentino potential dilution of mergers in the future for TSLA.