test breakdown

OK I know I may catch some flak for this, but oh well. Let’s say the ethics makes up 15% of the test, out of 240 questions that is 30 on ethics, just kidding, wanted to see if you would catch my math error, 36 questions. Does that mean I will see 18 in the AM and 18 in the PM sessions? Or does it not split it so nicely? Thanks for your insight.

it does split nicely…and it is like that

Why does it matter? Take my advice. Utilize the practice tests, review material, and make sure you understand the concepts. If I were a betting man… P.S. Enjoy a beer the night before the test.

HAhahahahahahaahaaaa!! Trek, u’re joke cracked me up bro…I don’t know if it’s really that funny or it’s just the studying that’s boring me to death, anyhow i have been laughing for 5 minutes now!!! Cheers!

Yeah, Iblees82 i am with you… i have been laughing so hard too… laught at myself most likely… :frowning:

I am still laughing since four o’ seven.

I actually started laughing before it was even posted, so I guess I have you all beat.

LOOOOOOOOL you guys are hilarious! good spirits, good vibes!!:slight_smile: