Test Center Chicago??

Hi everybody!! Im planning to take the L3 test in Chicago. Is this a good or bad idea? Any other suggest?

It’s the greatest city in the world.

I have done L 1 and 2 in chicago and both went without a hitch. None of the terrible things reported elsewhere. Only problem that I think might also occur elsewhere would be the huge crowd and long line for lunch. I think in 10 years, every other people you see on the street would be a CFA designator.

I took Level I in chicago @ McCormick center because the Dec. exam isn’t offered in Milwaukee… It was ok, picture an enormous airplane hanger with 2000+ people in it and that’s pretty much it.

Biggest problem in chicago is over 3000 take the test, so takes a while to park. Also you have to wait 45 minutes minimum in line to get a slice of pizza oe McD’s. Bring own lunch.

thanks for the comments. Im from Costa Rica, so for my level 3 i was planning to take sum vacations after the test and though Chicago can be a good idea. Watch a Cubs game in Wrigley Field is one of my dreams! Took the L1 in Panama, L2 in Miami so i havent seen much people on a Test Center, so im concerned in case of a huge crowd. Any other test center suggestions?