Test Center Clue - Greenland

Guys, if you go to “Test Center Locations” and select Greenland and the result comes back with a location - you PASSED!

Out of curiosity, do you sneak open your Christmas presents on December 14?


This is total BS! Why do you have to troll people? Why don’t you tell them the truth, that only if you get test centers for Greenland, the People’s Republic of Donec’k and Timor Leste you passed. If you only get Greenland you are probably under investigation by the PCP for spreading false rumors.

Seriously man, get it together.

It’s called a joke, mocking the utter ridiculousness of the error message fervor that has gone on post CFAI preliminary results leak.

Maybe you can check your payment history

Everyone so far knew it was a joke

Haha! Good one mate.

Nice to have a light moment in anxious times.