Test Center in DC?

Hi guys, I’ve never sat in an exam, but I’m going to give my first try in December. I’m thinking to take the exam in DC, but do you guys know where the test center will be in DC? I’m planning to book the hotel after I sign up for the exam, but it’ll be nice to know the exact location of the testing center in order to choose which hotel to stay. Thanks!

I took it in DC in December and it was at the Walter E Washington convention center. There’s no telling if it will be there again though. I’m not sure where it was this June, but I’m sure others took it at that location. http://www.dcconvention.com/ I stayed in Crystal City and just took the metro in.

Thank you Kevin!

You’re welcome! If the test is held at the convention center again, then I definitely recommend just taking the metro. There is a stop right at the center. You walk up the stairs and directly into the building. This way you don’t have to try and deal with parking either.