Test Center in Dubai Jun11

Can anybody pls tell the test center in Dubai June 11 and some of the hotels nearby i know we will know only when the admission tickets are out but based on last exams knowlege village? Thanks

i stayed in rotana towers and it was very nice i booked online ahead of time via booking.com great room service, great everything it was about a 7 min drive to the test center, it was called the convention centre or something cost was like 10 dirhams each way, a cab was very easy to find in the morning before exam but very hard to find on the way back because you had tons of candidates just spilling to the street to find a cab… if you can some how pre arrange your return cab that would be nice, i stayed for 40 mins waiting for a cab! bring your own food, the lines for the food were long try not to bring anything that cant be taken into the testing room, else you going to have to stand in a VERY VERY long line to put it in the safe room, and to get it back, and the room was not so safe !!! be ready for the shock of your life if this is for level one, you go thinking you are hot stuff yada yada, you will find yourself in a room the size of a football feild with thousands of candidates

thanks a lot, that was v.detailed Cheers!

Stay at the Burj Dubai and jump to your death if you feel the test went bad.

btw if you do not live in UAE but rather near the Arab world and you are going to be flying into UAE. I would try to change and take the test in Beirut. It would be at AUB, much nicer setting. Much less candiates, the number of people in Dubai is crazy! 100 resturants across the street from AUB for your lunch break… and tons of other reasons… just an idea