test center in NY

Hi is anyone taking the test in NYC? I don’t live in the city and i havn’t checked out the place yet… has anyone checked it out? i plan to drive in, is there a parking lot or something next to the testing center?? please let me know, thanks so much!

Depends on which test center you have. There’s 3 test centers in NYC, 2 that I know of: Jacob Javits Center and the Millenium Hotel (which is the one I have). The Javits center has plenty of paid parking nearby, not sure about the Millenium since it’s right by Times Square.

I’m taking it in the Jacob Javits Center. U might have some trouble parking. I live in Staten Island so I’m unsure what I’m gonna do yet. Might just say at my friends place in the city and take the train over. Let me know where you’re taking it and I’ll find out if there is parking 4 u

Pier Sixty The Event Center Chelsea Piers West 23rd and West Side Hwy New York, NY 10011 that’s where i am taking it, not sure which center it is… i am gonna be coming from central jersey… was thinking about taking the train… but afraid of delay… Please let me know, thanks so much! hope you guys will enjoy the thanksgiving break! One more week to sharpen up… good luck!

u might be able to park on one of the side streets but you’re going to have to drive around and look, that’s a busy neighborhood. Check out this website http://championparking.reachlocal.net/garage.php?poi_id=51

alright! thanks JP!

Take a look at this, hope it helps: http://www.chelseapiers.com/alsoDirections.htm

I’m taking it at the Sheraton NY