Test Day Logistics

took a practice run to the test center south of San Fran. It took 30 minutes. i plan to give myself some extra time in case there is an accident or something causing traffic, but how much time should I give myself at the test center? How early are you guys gonna get to the test center?

You’ll want to get there at least an hour early minimum. They have some restrictions on what time you can go in to the test. I think at like 8:45 they lock the doors and don’t let anyone in until they distribute the tests and tell everyone the rules. I’m planning on getting there by 7:30 so that I can look over some formulas last minute and get in the zone.

It’s a 3 hour drive to Chicago for me. I just booked a hotel with my buddy on the same block as the test. So it is a 5 minute walk but I’ll still get there early.

Hey guys, I live 5 mins from the center. I was thinking it may be best to just go back home at break time, have a quick lunch and then take a nap. Do you guys think that makes sense? Or should I just stay at the test center?

While you “technically” get 2 hours in between sessions, they keep you after to collect the tests and then want you in the doors ~30 minutes before the PM session starts. You most likely won’t have time for a nap but going home for a few minutes for a real lunch might be a good plan. It’s great to get away from everyone who is stressing out like crazy.

I laughed and laughed. Going home for a nap, that plan is fraught with danger!! Imagine sleeping though the alarm, OMG. But I do like the idea of going home during the break. If only to have a prepared lunch and sit on the couch listening to music to chill out.