Test Day Question ?

Are we allowed to bring two calculator to the exam ? If bring two can the two be in the desk or you have to keep one under the desk. Also if you bring chewing gum, cfa rules say that you have to keep it under the desk? Or can you have the gum without wrapping in the desk? If it is under the desk can i reach under the desk to take it?

I don’t think the chewing gum is allowed, might be considered to belong to the group food and drink.

Two calculators are OK.

two calculators are fine, in case one dies (quicker to grab the 2nd than change the battery), and you can probably keep both on the desk

chewing gum also fine. Just do not write the Black Scholes formula on the wrapper or else you will be removed from test center. It has happened before.

Hard candy is allowed. And I have had two calculators on my desk before in the exam.