Test Prep-those who took the test Saturday 12/2

I’m preparing to take the test in June. I’m in the process of finishing book 5 and on to book 6. I would like to know if taking the Schweser or Stalla classes (online or seminars) to prepare for the test would be worth my time. Even though the CFAI states their curriculum should be enough, I’d like to know if this would be beneficial from those of you who’ve already taken the test. Any insight will be appreciated.

It all depends on how you learn best…If you are someone like me who benefits from having someone actually explain the stuff to you, then it’s worth it. If you are capable of learning the stuff sufficently by yourself, then save the dough. I found the Schweser live class very worthwhile, but ask me again in 2 months if I failed and you might get a different answer.

Thanks Smarshy. So did you take the weeknight online classes?

no, the actual live classes, with a real teacher, in a real room with other real people. Those online classes would never work for me. 2 minutes in and I’d be playing a video game. The real classes are only available in major cities i think (I’m in Boston) so it may not be an option for you. But I found those three hours every Tuesday for 16 weeks very helpful. Just sitting in a room focusing on the subject matter, not worrying about technology, or my internet connection, or whether the teacher will respond to my e-mailed question…Just sitting in a room raising my hand, like the good old days. Oh, and they had free coffee and soda.

That’s what I’d rather do, be in a classroom. I’ve been looking online and there aren’t any classes like that here. There are some in Atlanta. Thanks for the info Smarshy, I will keep looking so I can find a prep course near here.

If you are already through book 5, you are waaaaaaaay ahead. Don’t burn yourself out.

Yeah. Honestly, I started studying four months ahead of time and it was plenty if you put in the hours. I was definitely beginning to burn out during the last month. You’re going to totally burn out if you start this far ahead in my opinion. If you want to do some casual reading that’s ok, but don’t be studying for hours and hours at this point.

^ +1 I studied for about 5 months, and I was at my breaking point the last 2 weeks before the exam. I found every reason I could not to study, like all of the sudden organizing my office was much more important than cracking a CFA book. I hope it didn’t hurt me too much, but I was really burning out…

i studied for 4 months then took a 45 day break and restarted on Nov 1 , one month before the test. I didnt have any problems recalling 99% of the stuff.The trick was to keep taking little tests every weekend thru out the first 4 months,so that the concepts were rock solid.

I’ve set up a study plan and I plan to stick to it as much as possible. Working full-time is hard enough. I don’t want to sit around and wait until April and act like a few weeks of study will be enough. Of course six months seems like a long time away but it actually isn’t.

yeh i agree, maybe start now, do your readings, keep it consistent, but dont go too hard… or if you do, maybe take a break in the middle? i took a two week holiday around september… which was around the point i was starting to burn out n lose motivation

Part of my plan includes a small break after Christmas. That will be the time when I just review LOS’s and study a Corporate Finance book the university wouldn’t buy back after I finished my MBA. (I’m actually glad they wouldn’t buy it back now since it includes extra TVM and other problems I need to review for the test) Studying will be even more aggressive for me in January.