Test Question Ordering

hey everyone,

i know the test will go in order of the CFAI books in terms of topics but how about the actual LOS’s?

i.e. will the actual test questions in the FSA section be intro questions, mecahnics, standards, income stm, balance sheet, cash flow, etc…

or just all jumbled up with FSA?

Doubt it - Pretty sure itll be all messed up

Jumbled up FRA. Make that majorly jumbled up

In case I created more doubts with my last post. All sections have jumbled up questions, not just FRA

the questions are jumbled up. I am looking for a place where we can post questions that are argueable, and discuss those questions, without really getting tons of non-relevant comments in between.

I would assume like the mocks and practice exams that the questions can incoprorate more the one LOS at a time, so jumbled makes the most sense.