Test Results Update!

Breaking news: the tests have just now been delivered to the institute by pigeon carriers. Results will now be tallied over the next three weeks by one volunteer intern at the institute using nothing but an abacus and an ink quill / feather set. No worries, CFAI, no need for automation or any sense of urgency. Take your time, we dont mind… AAAAAAAGH!

Is the abacus CFA approved? On a serious note, I’m going stark raving insane hoping/praying for an MPS < 70% and a personal score of > 168/240… (36 wrong or less in each exam I keep telling myself). And the waiting, my god the waiting… “AAAAAAGH” is right.

Only the TI AB 6 Plus Abacus, or the TI AB 6 Plus Professional if you want to spend the extra money on the metal beads.