test scores

what range ‘should’ we be scoring in on qbank? sample? mock? in order to pass

over 70% at least or bust

thats cutting it close though right??? i need a good 10% buffer…just in case. thanks

I would say that, if you think of how the CFA scores the test, if you get over 70% on everything I am pretty sure there is no way you can fail

makes sense

To be safe score more +80% on mock exams, the exams with pressure and all you will score +70% which should be safe

have you heard of anyone passing Level I with the score of 50-70 in every subject? Level 1: Pass The table below illustrates your subject matter strengths and weaknesses. The three columns on the right are marked with asterisks to indicate your performance on each question or topic area. Topic <=50% 51%-70% >70% Alternative Assets - * - Derivatives - * - Economics - * - Equity Analysis - * - Ethical & Professional Stnds. - * - Financial Statement Analysis - * - Fixed Income Analysis - * - General Portfolio Management - * - Quantitative Analysis - * -

i’ve done about 75% of the questions bank, so around 3000 questions…with a running average of 86%, which i feel pretty comfortable with and this morning i wrote my first sample exam (not even a mock exam) from the cfai website and scored a 78. Is this a pretty good sign possibly or do i need a larger buffer. Well i guess it doesnt matter since i’ll be stuck at my desk till the exam day no matter what i score.

yea ive been scoring low 80’s in schweser, have yet to write a sample or mock exam. seems like the consensus is high 70’s is a reasonable buffer. still have over 10 days, keep crackin i guess

With almost every qbank question done, I’m running at a 85% with a 70% and 76% on my first two tests from book 6. Want to get up to the mid 80’s on the next 4 full tests to feel okay.

im at 83 with still some questions to go. sounds like were around the same level, have u done any mock exams? if so how did u do? i havent done any yet… curious how i measure up