Test strategy, skip the math on first pass?

IS it a good idea to go through the exam and answer all of the questions you know, marking and skipping the ones that will take more time, which will mostly be the ones that require calculation, then work through those on the second pass. Seems like you’d get all the easy points that way.

People have different style ofanswering

What i did was answering all questions that i am sure or 80 pct sure, even if it requires long computatiin. I skipped those am not sure first but mark slightly the bubble sheet with narrowed choice. So in case you had no time to think again, those that you left each with 2 choices, you have 50 pct of answering correctly even if you dont see the questions again (speed filling the bubble sheet if you still have 15 questions to answer but only 5 mins left).

cant take shortcuts for cfa studying