test trac down again

with just 3 questions remaining, and an end to a loooong day, the syst. goes down again… Feels alot like work.

i am kicked out also, what a joke.

I am also, 45 question in… What should we do, I know others had trouble earlier. Just keep refreshing or something?

AAHHHHH Ice cold Hoegaarden

i cant take this

ARE YOU *#$# KIDDING ME?? I have been trying to take this #%@ test all @#%@ day long. Now it kicks me out with 6 questions left… edited to remove the f-bombs

ok its up now

took a couple of hrs last time. Others said they entered right where they left off. I’ll wait for a few min. then get some sleep.

remind me what do i pay you people for? honestly throw me a bone here!! what can we do about this?

back up, giddy up!

Im 2 for 2 today, in the middle of the same exam. This is not a good sign…

back up now, much quicker this time.