Test trac sample exams!

Test Trac sample exams !!! Are they worth it? And if any1 has taken those exams was is the result?

I did them both, my scores were pretty consistent with what I’m seeing on other multiple choice questions. As far as it being worth it, depends, $80 for 60 questions is steep compared to other mocks but at this point I’m not yet comfortable with my scores so I’m hurting for any new material.

I’d gladly drop a few hundred bucks if I thought it would translate to a few extra points on test day… nobody is going to ask how much I spent on study material (okay, maybe you guys and maybe my wife), but everyone is going to ask if I passed.

I did the first one early this week, scored pretty low (56%)… will do the other one on the weekend, hoping for 60-something. And then hopefully I can make improve 5-10% in each of the two weeks left.

Certainly expensive for 30 extra questions - but as cfaretake said, I need to do all the CFAi questions I can…