my AF is being weird.

answer A on skipE’s last one… for some reason it gives me an error when trying to reply to it.

Same for me. Then I had to type the complete Answer choice. I think chad was putting up a minimum-character-posting-limit Patch from 3 to 4 EDT. LOL

same here…I just wrote A or B but when I write a full sentence it worked fine. I think it is our co prob, banni.

It’s was a problem for me to. And we 3 are not in the same company ;-). Telling you it’s the software-update-patch; now next we will see a STICKY - stating that rule!

if there’s a character min, i’ll just type FML after everyting. settled.

I again got the dreaded red error message - when I was typing the ans to Ex-Ante Alpha

what does FML stand for?

f*ck my life also, I think my work has blocked AF I think cuz I use it too much…FML

FMW - feck my wife