Ok, im probably going tog et flamed for this, but serious question… how are STI’s tested for?

Is it just you go and Pee and the doc looks at your member?

Or is there more to it, as I have heard he sticks a cue tip in your pee hole!

They do different tests for different stds. Blood samples, cutip, etc depending on what they ate testing.

Q-tip thing is right, if they think you have certain types of infections, they jam one down your wiener. Others include piss test and blood test depending on what they are looking for. Blood test is required for some things. HPV was or is determined by doing a kind of swab thing on your wiener. Really depends on what they think you have, but I’m pretty sure there are comprehensive tests that involve some of all of the above.

Usually it’s a urine and blood sample.

nobody is sticking anything in any of my holes…