Testing Center Location -- not canceled but no venue yet

4 weeks to go and still don’t have a venue for my testing center location in Dec20.

Anyone else experience this (for reference I’m taking it in Kansas City)? Would appreciate any color anyone else has here (e.g. if they’ve spoken to the CFAI about this recently). Starting to get worried as the message on my home screen when I login to the CFAI website states the venue will be assigned 4 before the exam (i.e. today Nov 7th).

Again would appreciate any color here if anyone has any.

my home screen also shows the message ‘Venue will be assigned 4 weeks before the exam’ but my admission ticket is available and the test venue is there.

No Venue yet in Guatemala :(, I guess is a general situation


The CFA website didn’t update my homepage (“CFA Program Tile”), but I did receive my admissions ticket which has the specific venue. Careless mistake but maybe others were looking for the location on the website instead of on the actual admissions ticket.