Testing hypothesis

Suppose your aerospace engineer has recently come up with a new model, Lighting9, He promises that it will outperform the existing competitors in the market.

Lighting9 model has been designed to deliver a topspeed of 700km/hr.

please suggest the best Null and alternative hypotheses.

thanks for your help

The Null Hypothesis is the status quo, while the Alternative Hypothesis is the conclusion you want to reach from the test (with a high level of certainty).

Thanks. Can i say that, based on statement:

Null Hypothesis: Lightning9 topspeed = 700km/hr
Alternative Hypothesis: Lighting9 topspeed ≠ 700km/hr?

am i making sense? thanks

You could, but I don’t think it answers the problem. The hypothesis test you wrote will only check whether the Lightning9 top speed is significantly different from the stated value of 700km/h. The problem wants you to make a hypothesis test to see if Lightning9 top speed will “outperform the existing competitors in the market”. That is, if Lightning9 top speed is significantly higher than the competition.

However, the problem doesn’t give you the top speed of the competition, so it’s not possible to make a formal hypothesis test for the stated problem. For reference, if the competition top speed was M, then your test would be something like

H0: Lightning9 topspeed = M
H1: Lightning9 topspeed > M
(the null hypothesis is that Lightning9 is no faster than the competition. The alternative hypothesis is that Lightning9 is significantly faster than the competition)