Texas BA II Plus

Having done ethics and economics I am just onto quant now. Unfortunately I am having huge problems with my calculator. If i reset it i can get the right answer for PV and FV cals, however after a few calcs it starts th throw out wrong answers again. I have 2 calculators and both often give me different answers. both have P/Y set to 1. Is there some memory build up that I am missing? Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks Eoin

Make sure cash outflows are NEGATIVE and cash inflows are POSITIVE.

Thanks QuantJock Unfortunately that is not the problem. I have done a number of calcs the first 1 or 2 are correct then they go wrong from that point on. I then hit 2nd - reset - enter. This resets the p/y to 12 which I then have to change to 1. This can’t be the right way of doing it?

2nd CLR TVM… on the right top last button on the right. Do this before each new problem. As far as possible - make sure you never use the P/Y setting. Keep it at 1. If you have the Quarterly stuff to do… I/Y = Annual Rate / 4 N = # of periods = Years * 4 that will give you the same answer. Only thing you have to be careful about is BGN vs. END mode – which of course you have to control.

That seems to work cpk123, Thank you

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"2nd CLR TVM… on the right top last button on the right. " That’s the key. You gotta clear tvm on every new qn.