Texas BA II - settings - HELP


I’ve just bought a 2nd calculator for the exam just incase, and was just making sure all settings were the same, can anyone help with this problem…

So on my old calculator if I press 5, then multiply by 1.1 then hit y^x the 1.1 will appear and I can enter the power I want to raise 1.1 to and then hit enter to multiply this by 5. However, on the new calculator if I do the same, 5.5 will appear and then be raised to the power I select.

If anyone has any advice for this that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

There’s something called the Algebraic Operating System that you can set. Unfortunately, I can’t quite remember where it is on the calculator.

Absolute hero! For anyone following this in the same position watch the below video:


2nd FORMAT. Use the up or down arrow to get to AOS/Chn. (Algebraic operation system or chain calculation) :+1: