Textbooks for Studying for Level 1

did you guys buy all the textbooks for Level 1?

cfa institute sent them for free by mistake…suckers

What!!! I paid $750 for mine… Maybe they’ll not grade my exam by mistake and I’ll get an automatic pass.

where do you buy them? I dont see them on the cfa website?

Iron, they’re included with your exam registration. I recommend reviewing the FAQ section of the website before you post further questions. Otherwise, you’re going to get some creative responses to questions like this… http://cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/faq/faqs_candidates.html##107 On a side note, if you register from Mexico City, they send you a “proof of life” of your CFAI Curriculum, and if you don’t pay ransom to free your books from captivity, they begin shipping the curriculum to you chapter by chapter, it’s rather gruesome. Fair warning :slight_smile: