Thank god for sample 1

I know it was easy but after getting my ass kicked all week it was nice to do good for a change. Of course now I’m scared to do sample 2. Should I hit up more sample exams or do more book 6 or work on 2006 exam questions in the text?

2006 exams. Sample 2 will deal a serious blow to confidence at this point.

and 3 well maybe not that much as 2 1luv

Yep, Sample 1 was nice. Then I made 63s on both mock 1 and 2. That’s so rewarding after the amount of effort I have put into this. No more samples or anything for me … just formulat memorization and FI & derivatives problems, my weak areas. BTW, what’s up with ethics on mock 2?? I saw some people complain about that, but I got a taste of it last night. Only got 50%. I usually rule ethics. oh well. Tomorrow’s going to be fun.

its a relief to see others got their A@%& kicked by sample 2…i took it yesterday for what i thought would be a good indication of where i was, got completely schmutzed…took sample three and scored 18 points higher! slept fairly well last night as a result…no more questions today, only review; someone mentioned Kelly Bundy effect the other day, i am there.