Thank goodness

“Ikea stools declared safe for testicles after all”

"Claus Jørstad, from Norway, went viral after he left a comment on Ikea’s Facebook page discussing how he bought a red ‘Marius’ stool to use in the shower because of a bad knee.

In a long and detailed post, he described the unfortunate incident that led to him and the stool becoming joined at the testicle.

But in news that will be a relief for anyone with a Marius, he has since clarifed that his story was an exaggeration."

Please carry on.

The chair inspired by the Casino Royale torture scene.

So he Lochte-ized it?

This and soap-on-a-rope is all you need.

I thought it was interesting how, in Casino Royale, Le Chifre goes on a monologue about how it’s ridiculous to design elaborate tortures when the best method is still to whip a guy’s balls with a rope. However, three movies later, Bond is subjected to possibly the most unnecessarily complicated torture for seemingly no reason. The series really made a turn there.

Also, at the end of Casino Royale, Bond is admitted to a hospital for an extended period of time to recover from his injuries. Yet, the only seriously injury he suffered was due to the ball whipping. So I guess he was admitted to the hospital for balls treatment.