Thank goodness

“Italy’s Supreme Court rules public masturbation not a crime”

Is this retroactive? I’d love to take my wife there but have been, uh, hesitant to re-enter the country.

you ever been to the beaches in Italy. I mean, how do you not.


good butts sup yo gov?

^ For once I agree with you 2

in Italy just now and I’ve got an almost constant semi

^go visit my people in the south. The best looking women in the world, just dont look bc the men will kill you.

How far south? You Sicilian? You might have some brother in you.

No, from calabria mostly.

I think they are ok with you dating the women, as long as it is with their permission and under the supervision of her family. With all respect.

Will she be escorted by her brothers the whole time ?

Ah, mafia country. ive not been that far south before but I’d like to go sometime, I’ve heard the food is great down there and the beaches aren’t infested with Germans like where I currently am.