Thank you and Good luck everyone

Thank you for all your help this past month… As some of you regulars on here know I am returning from a 7 year LOA from the program as a L3 re-taker. Last time in 2010 I failed band 10! and this time I am thinking I will be lucky if I get band 10 to be honest! (and yes that makes me one of the oldest on here)

I decided to take the exam this year but started studying late, however once I started this forum really gave me more motivation to push through and give this thing a try this year…specially in the last month… so THANK YOU! Pass or Fail I will be back on here sometime in September to either contribute and help those who will be in our shoes or contribute as a L3 re-taker; I am hoping for the former.

Remember everyone this is just a test and best part is… it will be over on Saturday @ 5pm your local time and you can get back to your loved ones, friends, family, hobbies and LIFE in general.

PS: for those of you wondering why in September, once this exam is done I do not want to think about it until after Labour Day Long Weekend when I will check my exam…

Good luck and talk to you all end of summer


N I’m pulling for you! Appreciate all your questions and insight, it surely is a test of stamina and to be on a 7 year hiatus and then return really proves your character. I wish you all the best.


Good luck, NVC!! :+1:

Good luck buddy, all the best and I hope everything comes together on exam day!

band 10 is pretty close :open_mouth:

gl my friend!

Gd luck to you too! Your questions also helped me in the process!

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

You are really an inspiration for all those who complain why they can’t resume their studies after such a long break and this and that. I have been reading your posts and I would encourage you and say you do have a chance to pass it this time. If you controlled the damaged in AM and did well on PM (which you really can IMHO) , you’ll tell us that good news in August.

Good luck folks, wishing you to do your best!

Good luck to everyone! Hopefully all the hard work will payoff and we just breeze through the exam unscathed!

I didn’t do this the day before the exam, but thank you to everyone who contributed to the forum and to the editors for running this excellent resource. Fingers crossed for all for good news in August.

How was your exam N.VanCandidate?

I meant to not come here till September but figured do a quick check… Thanks for asking … Unfortunately I had one of the worst morning experiences … so not likely I got through… For some reason I could not sleep a minute the night before and totally bombed the morning… not for lack of knowledge but for lack of sleep. I really thought the morning was fair…I was lucky with the first few questions all being right up my alley with my background in IPS and personal financial planning… and felt really good; was even ahead of schedule time wise for first 60 minutes but hit a couple of questions where I COULD NOT remember the formula for the life of me even though they were simple and rather than moving on I got stuck on them and wasted time, got flustered and then lost track of time and everything went downhill from there to the point I did not finish everything and those I finished I made lots of bad silly mistakes…I will be lucky if I break 50% on the AM… Afternoon was was way better as I finished with about 45 minutes to go; counted will get at least 40/60 with 10-13 close ones and 5-7 pure guesses.

Overall I felt the exam was fair specially given the a mount of studying I did (not enough IMO). combination of under preparedness and lack of sleep definitely will put me from potential marginal pass to fail this time. But I am actually encouraged by it and know that come September will pick up the books again and be more regimented about my studies to start early and do practice exams all of May next year so I can put this long journey to rest next year.