Thank you, Chipotle.

So my wife wanted Chipotle last night, and sent me out to get it. When I got back, we ate it, and I noticed this awesome quote written on the bag. Almost made me barf up my food.

“Hope that, in future, all is well, everyone eats free, no one must work, all just sit around feeling love for one another.” --George Saunders


I had to look up who George Saunders was. Can’t say the 30 seconds of skimming descriptions of his work left me very impressed. He has a pretty pronounced contempt for consumerism, but has written several books and tried to get screenplays optioned. He looks like a real dick too.

Sounds like a dumbed-down, non-MIT version of Noam Chomsky. Contributes nothing of real value to society, gets paid big bucks for it, then spreads hatred and discontent for others who actually do contribute to society.

Just OOC - if everybody eats, and nobody works, then how does food get produced? Don’t we need farmers to produce food? And if farmers don’t work, then what are people going to eat?

But the food is damn good.

Interesting that a place that charges you for food would include a quote about eating free.

^That’s all you got, Sweep? I got excited when I saw you post, but this is so disappointing. I was expecting much more from you.

Pfft… Lululemon writes on their bags that “Friends are more important than money.” It’s more or less the same thing.

(I think you are taking a statement on a take-out bag a little too seriously there. I think we’ve all wondered what it would be like to win the lottery and enjoy a life of leisure and perhaps shared that with your friends - that doesn’t mean one advocates the dismantling of society to do it.)

“Friends are more important than money” isn’t nearly as stupid as “I hope nobody works, everybody eats for free, food grows itself, buildings build themselves, clothes make themselves, and we all just sit around in said buildings, eating said food, wearing said clothes, loving each other, holding hands, singing kum-bah-yah.”

What would a society look like where no-one has to work? Do we have robots doing everything for us? Maybe when we get to star trek levels of technology where they just ask the magic computer in the wall to make an earl grey tea and it does it.

Although everyone in star trek is very diligent and hard working despite living in a society without scarity or need. Go figure.

If you had machines that produced what you needed on demand, cleaned up pollution, etc… There really isn’t much left to do except sing kum-bah-yah.

Or move to the middle east, choose a side (possibly at random), and start killing each other.

Eventually laborers will be replaced by machines, the poor will die of starvation while the rich watch, and the leftovers will be free to choose one of the two options above. (Said “tongue in cheek” but with a trace of irony)

Meh, I don’t get riled up about anything written on a paper bag.

People seem to invent new things to define needs. Even people who could probably have enough basic shelter and food without working decide that they want other things like designer yoga pants.

I once got a McDonald’s bag promoting breakfast sandwiches that had “Got Sausage?” written prominantly on it.

…They knew what they were doing there.