Thank you note via AF message?

I had an interesting experience recently that made me question the standards of my generation. Specifically, I replied to a message that a recent L1 CFA Candidate left on AF who’s looking for a M’n’A’in on the Buyside Job. He was pretty experienced in BOM and had been a CPA in Audit, but recently left his post (I think by his own accord) to focus on getting M’n’A’in on the Buyside jobs. However, to no avail. Anyway, I replied to his thread in the L1 CFA Forum regarding LIFO’s effect on COGS and Ending Inventory and how understanding that will allow him to make it rain on the buyside when he passes in Dec 2013. He replies: “^Thx.” Is this an acceptable standard? I mean, I hardly ever have 30 seconds to enjoy a peaceful post by myself, let alone to cut up a reply. And as a gesture of gratitude, he sends me a thank you note via AF message. I mean, I get that this guy was an experienced BOMer from a no name boutique bank and a CPA, but I belong to the same forum and I think most of our members have more decorum than this. My expectation was a tailored bespoke parchment with a expression of gratitude couriered directly to me within an hour of my impeccable guidance. What’s up with people in our generation? Has this happened to any of you before? Curious to hear any other funny or bizarre stories about AF etiquette.




The replying via a public AF message thing also doesn’t sit well with me. Can’t explain why, it just does. The “Thx.” instead of “Thank You” is the real nail in the coffin for me though. There’s something a bit arrogant about it, like he’s a BSD high-flier and doesn’t have time to email you cause he’s so busy, and needs to save every letter possible because “time is money”, but you on the other hand aren’t important and have all the time in the world and should really be the one to be thanking him kind of attitude. Having said all this, I would be judging him first based on the quality of his others posts. If he was on a knife-edge, then yeah, screw him. If he seemed a genuinely good guy and was smart, then I’d be inclined to just put it down the fact that some people just operate differently.

LO F’n L!

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I would not complain mate… I have folks in my organisation who send official emails like that, and they are managerial level candidates by the way!!!

I got my bonus via AF message. Unfortunately it was just a code for a 5 dollar discount on a 10 dollar iTunes card.

You got a bonus??? Can’t be too sure this year

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