thank you notes ?

for you guys that still roll old school like i do, how many thank you notes is “too many” for example, if you do more than 1 round with a company , do you send notes after every round??? on the last round – let’s call that round “superday” – will you send another thx note thereafter (to all the people you meet on this hypothetical superday) even though the lead HR person would have gotten one from you less than 2 weeks prior? just curious. my gut says, yes, do another batch

I sent thank you e-mails after every interview, assuming I had time before the company got back to me. I can tell you that being on the other side of things, prospective colleagues will occasionally forward thank-you notes to your prospective direct boss, so your gesture of gratuity probably won’t go unnoticed. I for one did not have a favorable impression of candidates that didn’t send me thank-you notes when I was interviewing them, simply because the person that seemed most qualified for the job also appeared to want it more than anyone else. Anyway, it shouldn’t take too long to do since they’re only a few lines anyway. You should just get them done.

I’ll say that one of the few times I didn’t send thank-you notes was actually following a super day. When I was interviewing for a full-time investment banking position in college, we had our super day on Saturday morning, and I got a call that afternoon while I was trying to take a nap. I answered HR’s call in a semi-awakened state – not the ideal way to answer the phone, but the call obviously had me elated and also saved me the trouble of writing thank-you notes, which I planned to do later that evening. The other instances where I didn’t send thank-you notes were simply because I knew I did not want to work at the place I had interviewed, and thus did not care.

thanks numi. helps a lot