Thank you S2000magician

Thank you S2000magician for your help on CFA Level II Curriculum and your congratulations for passing the CFA Level II exam.

It is polite and helpful people like you that provide hope for the human race.

Thank you S2000. I reread your derivatives sections (all of them) before the test and it helped immensely. Ended up with >70 in derivs

big respect to S2000magician! (hat’s off)

^What they said, and for being truly nice while doing it…and in many times in the face of sarcasm, cynicism, and outright rude responders (hopefully I just fall in the first two).

I believe he is one of the reasons why the pass rate at this forum is so high. Thanks for your outstanding contributions Sir.


I could not agree more on that.

It was definitely helpful to see some of the material presented in a different way.

Thanks for the clear and concise articles (among other things), S2000!

You guys are awesome! You give me way too much credit.

I really enjoy your comments when I compare them to those of this gentleman:

Here’s the thread, to put it in context:

Despite the rotten color scheme.

New to the forum. Looking forward to collaborating with other candidates.

band 10 fail this year. Band 6 fail last year. Improvement, but fail nonetheless.

does anyone have an opinion on the value of schweser Qbank? Looking for any tidbits that will put me in pass category next year. Thus far, have only used cfai material.

I have faced many trials in my life, but that, that was the pinnacle of them all…

S2000, you are the best man. I don’t even think you are a real person, just some crazy CFA program on this forum to be honest.

But, trust me it is fun trying to point out if anything you say is wrong.

I would keep score if anyone can do that. LOL.

thank you. especially for your article on pensions.

S2000, You already know how grateful I am too for all you do and have done. I truly hope the CFA Institute honors you for your dedication and service to so many candidates. No one is more deserving!


I want to say thank you to S2000 as well. The blog of his is helpful and i really appreciate his paticence and dedication to this forum.

You are not letting the color thing go, are you smiley? To be fair to you, that was a textbook case of a backhanded compliment, although I’m not sure the poster meant it.

Glad to have been some small help.

I’m just having fun.

I know why its dark! because you want to save energy?

In your own way, you have changed the world in a better way. And in the end, thats all that matters.

Just registered to say thanks. Also used your website a few times and look forward to using it for L3!