Thanks every one

Thanks every one, CFA has been one heck of a ride. I want to thank all the people who discussed and helped me, who motivated and supported me. I may miss thanking some. Thanks to Dwight, McLeod81, cfasf1, mwvt9, Bankin, CFA_B’more, maratikus, plyon, magix, patkeenan, mumu, smokinhot etc. I did Level-1 in 3 weeks, not knowing what the beast is…not knowing ethics cirriculum and barely barely barely passing the exam luckily. Budgeted 3 months for Level-2 and realised that may be i started too late, panicked…studied. A week before level2 exam, a friend told me about Analyst Forum. And i got my own account on AF 2 days before my L2 exam. Gods smiled and i passed L2. I put in atleast 50% more effort for L3 compared to L2. I put in 150 hrs for L2 and 240 hrs for L3. I guess i am lucky one more time and i passed L3. Thanks every one, i realise that i could have failed any of the 3 levels…I am just lucky to cross the finish line all 3 times. Congrats to those who passed and good luck to those who barely missed it this time. Cheers & thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your contributions as well, GSG. Best of luck to you.

The CFAI ‘tested your knowledge’…and you passed. Well done GSG.

TY too GSG, your TYK threads were invaluable. You’ve got my personal e-mail, give me a shout if you’re ever in Dallas.

GSG…thanks for your insights, i cudnt have passed w/o ure insights and inputs, Thanks for everything !!! And thanks to everyone else, although i wasnt tht active but believe me i was watching closely!!!

GSG- thanks for those 49 or so test your knowledge posts- they were great, and helpful.

Thank you GSG. You’re TYK threads helped me kick it into gear last winter/spring. Congrats and good luck!

Thanks for your priceless contributions GSG. Congratulations and good luck!!!

Ok this is more like a confession to you for my jealous peek at the L3 forums when you put up those Test Your Knowledge threads and I used to try solving some of those option straddles questions but no luck at all since I was L2 candidate. Good luck GetSetGo and all the very best for your future.

Congratulations and good luck GSG…Thanks for all the help and support on the forum

GSG, I remember the days when I jumped on your test your knowledge threads. And they have definitely provided me with the extra boost needed to pass this level. Thanks again, and best of luck.

Corrupted, Gauravky, L3Beatit, McLeod81, Magix, cfa_bmore, bankin, dinesh.sundarani, mwvt9, cfasf1 thanks and good luck to you as well. Dinesh you are probably more knowledgable and smarter than me. I just lucked out last year and you didn’t. Good luck and kill L3.

Though I’m not an active poster, I do appreciate the forum to get a sense of how others are doing and struggling. It’s been fun and good luck to you all. To sign off, I shall take a shot and pour some on the group for you all (usually reserve for the dead homies but I guess this is the best I can do to thank you all, lol).

I’m also a sporadic visitor/contributor, but no less a supporter of all those who seek the CFA grail. I’m now consoling a study buddy who fell short due to the a.m. section - he didn’t realize that there was 11 instead of 10 item sets - and consequently scored zero for that - and he is lamenting big time. But now I’ve got him back on track and he’s studying right now to get over the sting. I salute him and all those who believe in attaining their best performance. With my own CFA campaign successfully concluded with the help of the AF community, I’m departing with a sense of fellowship - will be contributing to the local society and will see about teaching a session or two on alternatives/derivatives at any of the levels. So in good fun, here’s a clip that I think makes light of those will are departing and best wishes to those who remain to succeed next year. Adieu … to you and you and you …!