Thanks Everyone

Despite getting the lowest AF score ever, I’ve been getting a lot of encouragement and votes of confidence. I knew I failed, but band 1 is just a stomp on the nuts. I may take a break in 2010. The full time MBA program I’m in begins Monday the 24th, and I’m going to see how my schedule plays out at school. If a few classmates sign up for the CFA, I’ll probably join likewise. Otherwise I feel time could be better spent enjoying school, networking, seeking employment, and just evaluating various career paths. Seeing that Dreary, CPK, SkipE, Sub, Map1, topher, cjones, and others fail really kill me. These were solid AFers who knew the material inside and out. Best of luck everyone, I’ll be in touch via general discussion for sure, and maybe on L2 next year after getting a grip on my class load.

Good luck man… I can honestly say there couldn’t have been a better batch of candidates than you lot to go through this experience with… Cheers!

I didn’t make your list! haha no worries. Good luck. If I were you, I probably would wait on CFA until after I finished MBA b/c you really want to make the most of the experience.

Now you’re on it topher, how did your interview go today?

Good Luck QuantJock_MBA. We, as a forum, will miss those hot lunch-crunch’es. You have helped the forum a lot and always maintain that positive spirit. ATB @ MBA

good luck. Hope you are back for next June!

Good Luck QuantJock, you have been very helpful to organize various useful information for fellow AF members. I probably won’t do L3 immediately, so I may end up taking L3 with you in the year after. :slight_smile: BTW, here is a notes repository thread I made earlier today. I hope you and others would find them useful in your preparation.,1045676 Feel free to deposit any notes that you like to donate to this year’s L2 candidates into this thread. Good luck!