Thanks guys

For convincing me to take the mocks. Took a nap (more like passed out from exhaustion), had some food and a couple of Monsters, and then geared up to take mock 1 and hit a 70% right on the nose! I apologize if I’ve been somewhat of a downer, I think the last two weeks of poor quality sleep (despite taking sleeping pills every night) was really starting to affect my attitude and concentration. Just goes to show, if you’re feeling tired, take a break!! Anyways, back on track! It’s just one test, but a good start… too bad it wasn’t the real deal.

Great job Aimee! Did you think the mock was a pretty good test as far as difficulty and fairness? I think I am going to take it tomorrow after the slaughter I took on book 7 1am

nice work…

I thought it was really fair, and probably pretty similar to what the real thing will be like. They claim that it includes former test questions, which is nice if its true. Obviously, there will be some luck involved if you have weak areas… only one showed up for me, but if there were more then I’d be below the 70 mark.

Did you do the full 120 or just 60?

Considering that it’s almost 2 am here, I will probably take the other 60 tomorrow. This was just the first mock.

Proud of you!! That’s an excellent score Aimee.

Good job, Aimee!