Thanks in advance - quick question

Anyone know how to change the Schweser LII online program to give you answers to the end-of-LOS questions immediately instead of having to wait until you have answered all of them to get the answers? You can do it easily for the tests so I assume there must be a way. Thank you.

I dunno if the online format is the same, my response is based on the CD version of the Qbank but if you have a navigation bar on the left there should be two options 1. Browse LOS 2. Browse Questions If you click browse LOS and then select the particular LOS you have to do the test to see the answers. If you click Browse Question and then select the particular LOS you can read the explanation for each immediately

on the online version. I just click Test Management, start new test, and then there are several options including what type of questions (easy, medium, hard), grade as you go, and give explanations as you go. Hope this helps.