Thanks Obama!

Obama - who was that guy again? What did he do for the US … oh yeah nothing

But he was so tolerant, though.

He got you Osama.

You’re welcome.

Barack Obama change did comma thank you jay z and Sam Cooke

Obama was a coward.

Since he is half black he wanted to be “the civil rights president”. But fighting for rights takes balls, that’s too hard of work for him. He didn’t want to actually fight for the oppressed (men’s rights especially and also white people rights). Instead he just piled onto the easy “women, black, gay, transsexual rights, bla bla bla”…where there is no issue, in fact those groups are already massively over-represented.

^Remember when anyone asked for your worthless opinion?


Those were not opinions, creepy hashtag weirdo. Statements of fact.

Also, Obama’s cowardice caused Trump, another fact I’m sure he would like to ignore.

The lord is the one true saviour.

Yes our Lord is God. He has risen.

I can’t help but think that Obama was a warning sign America was at risk for someone like Trump, given Obama’s ability to rely on his charisma and campaigning to get elected. This isn’t a judgment on his presidency, just an observation he was far below the average experience level of typical candidates.

^ Didn’t the exact same people who did that survey do the election polling and tell us for months that crooked H was supposed to win the presidency with ease?

She won the popular vote by more than 2%. In the end, the polling average was off by less than two percentage points. So maybe Trump’s true rating is slightly better than indicated, but he’s still by some distance the most unpopular incoming president in recent history (and quite possibly ever).

Cognitive dissonance bud?

The funniest was after 8yrs of not doing anything about voter suppression (only 50% vote), Obama panicked and started blaming the citizens for not being registered. What a loser. no

The margin on the popular vote is entirely due to illegals in CA voting for killary. Facts.

So, a rich White Man who dodged the draft 5 times is telling a Black Man who got his head split open during the civil rights movt. that he’s all talk no action? I don’t even…

At least Obama finally got rid of the BS special treatment that Cuban migrants were getting.

But Trump has gotten so much done already! What an american hero!