that moment...

that moment when you are slaving off yourself to study for CFA (and that too L3)…and your friend watsapp you pictures of her Paris travel trip…


Who else would feel like screaming at such a friend? (no I didn’t scream. Had to suck it up!)

It happens every year spring time!

You should be used to it by now, no?

She might have sent it to you by accident. I mis-click here and there on touch screens sometimes.

Stay away from smartphone with messenger, FB apps or games like Flappy Bird or Crush Candy! They are distracting !

^Add AF to the list.

Yeah, I’ll post up some pics from the golf course all May long. Foooorrrrreeee! Suckers.

No, it wasn’t a mistake. In fact I am one of very few friends she send those pix to. Why I mean why!

I really don’t understand. Does not everybody (almost) pursuing CFA want to get into those jobs, which will never allow 8 hour nights, free weekends, Paris trips, life as such…

Motivation! If you study hard enough, you will be sending whatsapp pictures of yourself from where you want next year. I